Commitment to Leadership and Accountability

Policies and Objectives

Organization and Resources

Contractor and Supplier Management

Risk Management

Business Process

Performance Monitoring & Improvement

Audits and Review

HSE Management System

The CSSL Management System defines the principles by which we handle operations with regards to health, safety, and the environment. it is an integral set of policies, business practice, and procedures that are used by CSSL in defining, planning, and executing business activities. It enables employees to work safely, consistently and effectively by providing reliable standardized processes such as:

  • commitment to leadership and accountability
  • policies and objectives
  • organization and resources
  • contractor and supplier management
  • risk management
  • business processes
  • performance monitoring and improvement
  • audits and reviews.

These are continuously improved by conformance checks on day-to-day standards and procedures (controls) on the management system (correction) through modifications to the management system (improvement).