Corporate Profile

Cirrus Supplies Services limited is a global provider of quality support services to Drilling, Fishing and Completions activities in the Oil & Gas Industry. The company was incorporated in 2011 with a drive to build human/asset capacity that guarantee quality service delivery and so far has leverage on over 20 years versed experience of its team members in accomplishing this objective and have added great values to our clients. CSSL business comprises of the products below:
Sales/Rental of Down hole Drilling Tools
Steel/Non Mag Drill Collar (Slick &Spiral) Heavy Weight Drill Pipes (Integral, Friction Welded & Spiral)
Drill Pipes Steel/Non Mag Stabilizers, Float Subs with valves, UBHO & Sleeves
Hole Opener/Reamers Rotary Subs, Lift Subs, Lift Plugs
Oil Country Tubular Goods
Pup Joints Cross overs
Casing Tubing
Fishing Services
Open-hole Fishing Cased-hole Fishing
Milling and Washover Fishing Tools/Jars Rental
Code of Conduct – CSSL principle of conduct is in line with UN Global Compact…

Core Values are:

  • integrity – we live by our word
  • Excellence – we believe that whatever worth doing should be done right
  • commitment to quality service delivery.
  • Human capacity building – our employees are our greatest assets, so we train, retrain and create safe environment for everyone to function optimally.
Mission Statement – to ensure customers get value for investing in us and employees get fair reward for their contribution to realization of company’s vision

Vision Statement

– to be the best in service quality delivery